a perfect world


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In a perfect world
my floors would be moped and
my caprets hoovered.
my laundry washed and hung to dry
food would be cooking while I get myself dressed and ready
ironing for the week all done and dusted
now for the make up and perfume
just before husband arrives.
the table’s set, food piping hot.
we eat, we laugh, we share our days
kitchen cleaned, dishes washed and dried
it’s the end of the day and time to retire.
such a perfect day in a perfect world.



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So words cannot describe how Im feeling right now

but yes, I’m soon to be a wife inshaAllah. 

Ecstatic is probably an under estimate of what I’m feeling rn.

I need to thank my Lord, for continually blessing me with the best in life & pray He grants me the best of the next life. Ameen ya Rabb.

Anywho.. now for… WEDDING SHOPPING ;D 


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